SET-FREE Heat Pump

A New Energy-saving Benchmark of Multi-split Central Air Conditioning

The up-to-date generation of R410A inverter-driven multi-split air conditioning inherits Hitachi’s top-class technologies and excellent quality, improves the performance significantly.

The compact modular combination modes greatly enrich its product lineup and simplify the transportation and installation work, realize ultimate flexibility. The series contain 6 outdoor units, from 8HP to 18HP, The biggest combination can reach to 54HP.

Super Energy Conservation

Selecting the high efficient Central Air Conditioning with leading technology to save energy. Hitachi makes good use of innovation and optimization of every key technology to make the latest SET-FREE FSN6Q series as a master of energy-saving.

Energy conservation in central air conditioning can be carried out through the following two ways, even only effective coordination of these two could achieve the maximum energy efficiency.

Management Energy Saving: on the premise of comfort in buildings, the objective of energy saving can be reached by constraints on behavior or improper operation adjustment of equipment.

Technological Energy Saving: selecting the high efficient Central Air Conditioning with leading technology to save energy. Hitachi makes good use of innovation and optimization of every key technology to make the latest SET-FREE FSXN series as a master of energy-saving.

Intelligent Defrosting Enables More Effective Heating

Rapid Heating Start-up

Combining the soft start of DC inverter compressor and rapid start of fixed speed compressor, the system can achieve 100% heating capacity output instantly and quickly meet the air-conditioning demand.

Hitachi Patented Pressure Defrosting Mode

FSXN series adopts Hitachi patented pressure defrosting mode (PTT defrosting mode), accordingly frosting doesn’t occur frequently and the short defrosting time ensures heating effect in winter.

Anti-snow Function

In the event of bad weather like snowstorm, even if outdoor unit is not operating, the sensor for snowflake on outdoor PCB can still be shorted because of natural snowflake, then the outdoor fan motor starts rotating at full speed to prevent outdoor unit from being covered by snow. When air conditioning starts up, the fan motor will turn to normal speed.

Wide Working Range

SET-FREE FSXN can handle a wide range of outside air conditions, thus extending the flexibility of installation space and climatic environment.

System Composition Suitable for Design and Installation

More Flexible Refrigerant Piping Work

Compact and Lightweight design, Save Space

Ease and flexibility of installation are further enhanced by adopting the outdoor unit’s lightweight and compact design.

The elevator can be used to uplift the base unit (Max.18HP) separately.

Various Model Types Easily Match Different Spatial Layout

Wide capacity range of outdoor units enables free model combination relating to the actual condition of building. There are 96 models in 10 types of indoor units for selection. Planner can choose appropriate type and capacity of indoor units according to interior decoration and functions.

Flexible Ways of Air Supply and Air Return

User and designer can select different duct types to suit different construction structure and interior decoration, which meets various personalized requirement of customers.

Rotational Operation to Distribute Load of Outdoor Units

Regulating the operation time of each outdoor unit leads to load reduction on compressors. During multiple unit operation, the same rotation frequency of inverter compressor results in an equivalent load on each compressor. Therefore, outdoor unit endurance is improved.

Anti-corrosion Treatment(Optional)

The anti-corrision treated outdoor units have been designed to provide corrosion resistance against acid and salt corrosion.

They have special anti-crossion treated heat exchanger,and adopt galvanized steel plates whiche provide higher corrosion resistance and increased adhesion capability for painting.