About us


A-Kond Company has been providing installation of central heating, cooling and split air conditioner systems in buildings, floating crafts and platforms and rendering related services in Azerbaijan since 2006.

While targeting sustainable growth, competitive and world-class services, we focus on transparency, international quality standards, worker safety and environmental protection issues.
A-Kond has become more powerful by getting the distributorship of SANYO, world’s leading brand of split air conditioner and VRF systems.

We have always focused on customer based high quality services in all of our operations.

In order to ensure internal quality standards, we have developed company code of ethics.

Company’s code of ethics

  • Honesty: Honesty to our shareholders and employees is our main value. “Honesty is the best policy” is our target concept.

  • Privacy: We ensure the compliance with privacy policies while giving company related information to the third parties..

  • Conflict of interests: We strictly prohibit our employees from getting unethical benefits by misappropriation.

  • Customer: Customers are our main focus. We perceive customer satisfaction, fulfillment of customer needs and going beyond their demands as our responsibility.

  • Responsibility to Our Shareholder: Sustainability and quality are our priorities. It is our main responsibility to avoid unnecessary risks and provide sustainable profitability.